Organizing Committee

Dr. Vanesa Gregorietti (iCardiology 2020)

Chairman and President, Cardiology Society of Buenos Aires


Dr. Gregorietti is currently President of the Cardiology Society of Buenos Aires, Deputy Chief of Cardiac Transplant, and coordinates the area of Pulmonary Hypertension at El Cruce Hospital and Sagrado Corazon Sanatorium. She works in the area of Heart Failure and Pulmonary Hypertension at the Argentine Institute of Diagnosis and Treatment. She received her medical degree in the Faculty of Medicine of the Favaloro University of Buenos Aires. Then, she specialized in Cardiology in the Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery Service of Fundacion Favaloro. She completed her training in advanced cardiorespiratory failure and intrathoracic transplantation in Transplant Services Favaloro Foundation, Stanford University - California - USA and De La Pitie Hospital in Paris France, Hospital 12 de Octubre, Madrid Spain. She has also acted in various Institutions and Hospitals including the Italian Hospital of Mendoza, Trinidad Mitre Sanatorium. Dr. Gregorietti has participated and participates in numerous national and international scientific societies 

Prof. David I. Smith (iCancer 2019)

Mayo Clinic


David I Smith received his PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Wisconsin in Madison in 1978. His first academic position was at Wayne State University School of Medicine and in 1996 he moved to the Mayo Clinic as a Professor in the Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology. He is also the Chairman of the Technology Assessment Group for the Mayo Clinic Center for Individualized Medicine. His laboratory utilizes next-generation sequencing to study the different ways that human papillomavirus can cause cancer in different tissues. His group also studies the common fragile sites which are regions of profound instability found in all individuals.

Prof. George G Chen (iCancer 2019)

Chinese University of Hong Kong

Hong Kong

George G Chen is a professor in the Department of Surgery, Director of Surgical Laboratories, Faculty of Medicine, Hong Kong, China. His research interest is the area of carcinogenesis, cancer treatment, early detection, and diagnosis. His study is focused on liver, lung and thyroid cancers. He has authored or co-authored more than 200 papers and has written a number of books or book chapters.

Professor Dr Suresh Kumar P. Govind (iCancer 2019)

Professor. Suresh Kumar P. Govind


Professor Dr Suresh Kumar P. Govind is the Consultant and Link Coordinator for the UK funded CICHE link for accreditation of the diagnostic laboratory from the Clinical Pathology Accreditation (CPA) (2001-2010) earned eventually a blue ribband quality from the British Council. The link established Parasites South East Asian Diagnostic Laboratory (Para: SEAD) at the Department of Parasitology, UM which was declared open by the Hon Minister of Health some years back. I am is a member of several professional societies such as the Malaysian Society of Molecular Biology, Institute of Biology, United Kingdom (which carries the title CBiol, MIBiol), Malaysian Scientific Association (which carries the title A.M.S.A), Member, Malaysian Society of Parasitology and Tropical Medicine (MSPTM), Member, Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene. He is appointed as member of WHO steering committee. Wrote a detailed manual on the procedures of collecting stools for the detection of parasites for World Bank. Currently teach MBBS, nursing, medical technologists, pharmacy, pathology students, supervise post graduate research students, oversee a diagnostic laboratory and carry out department and faculty administration duties.

Prof. Kenji Suzuki (iCancer 2019)

Tokyo Institute of Technology


Kenji Suzuki, PhD (by Published Work; Nagoya University) worked at Hitachi Medical Corporation, Japan, Aichi Prefectural University, Japan, as a faculty member. He joined the Department of Radiology, University of Chicago, in 2001, and he was Assistant Professor in the department and Graduate Program in Medical Physics. Since 2014, he has joined the Department of Electric and Computer Engineering and Medical Imaging Research Center, Illinois Institute of Technology, as Associate Professor (Tenured). Since 2017, he has been jointly appointed in World Research Hub Initiative at Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan, as Full Professor (Specially Appointed). He published more than 320 papers (including 110 peer-reviewed papers in leading journals) in the fields of machine and deep learning, computer-aided diagnosis, and medical image processing and analysis. His papers were cited more than 10,000 times by other researchers. He has an h-index of 44. He is one of the top five most cited researchers in the computer-aided diagnosis field by Google Scholar. He is an inventor on 30 patents (including 13 granted patents), which were licensed to several companies and commercialized. He published 11 books and 22 book chapters and edited 13 journal special issues.

Prof. Dimitrios H. Roukos (iCancer 2019)

University of Ioannina


Dimitrios H. Roukos, MD, PhD, is Professor of Surgery – Precision Cancer Medicine and Founding director of “Centre for Biosystems and Genome Network Medicine” in the Ioannina University, School of Medicine. Assessing the unmet needs of traditional linear single – gene research, he has shifted to intrapatient comprehensive coding and non-coding genomic and regulatory network heterogeneity in time and space towards the achievement of Precision Cancer Medicine. He has published > 240 PubMed papers, 32 on Precision Medicine and Oncology, and 44 on static and spatiotemporal genome analysis with NGS. These publications have received more than 8800 citations with h-index: 73 (Scopus). He is reviewer in many high impact journals including some with impact factor (IF) >30, evaluator in innovative research projects (EU, France, Belgium, Luxemburg, Poland), member in the editorial board of 25 international journals with IF, and Organizing Committee member in >20 International Conferences.

David O. Carpenter (iCancer 2019)

University at Albany


David O. Carpenter is a public health physician whose current position is Director of the Institute for Health and the Environment at the University at Albany, as well as Professor of Environmental Health Sciences within the School of Public Health at the University at Albany.  After receiving his MD degree from Harvard Medical School he chose a career of research and public health.  After research positions at the National Institute of Mental Health and the Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute, he came to Albany in 1980 as the Director of the Wadsworth Center for Laboratories and Research of the New York State Department of Health, the third largest public health laboratory in the US after NIH and CDC.  In an effort to build ties to an academic program, he initiated efforts to create a partnership between the New York State Department of Health and the University at Albany, resulting in the creation of the School of Public Health in 1985.  He was then appointed as the founding Dean of the School of Public Health, a position he held until 1998 when he became the Director of the Institute of Health and the Environment.

Sherry X. Yang (iCancer 2019)

National Cancer Institute,


Sherry X. Yang is Chief of National Clinical Target Validation Laboratory, Division of Cancer Treatment and Diagnosis at the National Cancer Institute (NCI), Bethesda, Maryland. Dr. Yang joined the NCI in 2001 after completion of her training from the Johns Hopkins Oncology Center. Her research interests include clinical target validation and biomarker science towards precision oncology. Dr. Yang’s laboratory focuses on the predictive and prognostic biomarkers of targeted cancer therapeutics and chemotherapy in breast cancer and lung cancer as well as other cancer types. She is recipient of several biomarkers-related awards and innovations, and an editor of Handbook of Therapeutic Biomarkers in Cancer, 2nd edition.

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